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Amplimesh Grille security doors and window screens continue to be a very popular security screen, having have been fitted in NZ and Australian homes for over 50 years.  Grille security screens are known for visually deterring unwanted visitors and are a dependable, strong barrier against anyone that attempts to break in.

Quality is in the detail

We pride ourselves on the fact that no corners are cut in the manufacture of Amplimesh Security Doors. Made using strong heavy duty aluminium corner stakes, along with top quality stainless steel rivets, our security screens promise premium quality and value. Hinges are also made with stainless steel pins (rather than steel), so they won’t rust or bend over time.

Amplimesh door and window screens use only high quality aluminium for their heavy duty frames that are manufactured to comply with AS/NZS Standard 1866.

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Improving Your Lifestyle

Measured, made and installed by an experienced security screen dealer, Amplimesh grille screens allow you to take advantage of the warm weather, opening doors to let fresh air circulate through your home.  With insect screens as a standard feature on all grille security screens, you will be secure from all unwanted visitors, including flies, mosquitoes, bugs and most importantly intruders.

Meets the Highest Standards

Amplimesh hinged grille security doors have been subjected to a rigorous regime of impact jolts, jemmy attacks and pull testing under the AS5039-2008 standard, confirming that the structural integrity of the security door is maintained under stress.

Our Amplimesh Security Grilles have also been tested for material hardness, ensuring that the force required to sever the cords in each product meets or exceeds the requirements of the AS5041 standard.

While we can’t guarantee protection from the most determined intruders, Amplimesh products can be trusted to make it as difficult as possible for uninvited guests to enter your home.

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