Framed Insect Screens

Framed Insect Screens – Hinged or Sliding 

Sliding or Hinged Insect Screens are reliable, lightweight and economical screening options, which are custom made to suit your needs.  With a wide choice of frame options, your local Amplimesh Dealer has the knowledge and experience to recommend the best choice of frame style and finish for your screen requirements.

Insect Screens for Windows

Aluminium framed window insect screens are available in either hinged or sliding options, the choice is yours.   

Hinged Insect Screens – are popular for their ease of use and optional two piece hinge system for easy removal.  For the majority of customers easy removal is important for both cleaning and storage outside of summer.

Sliding Insect Screens – are ideal for windows that are difficult to access, such as kitchen windows, as they are easy to open and close using the guiding tracks.

Both hinged and sliding window screens use high quality and precision cut aluminum internal corners, in preference to inferior plastic corners. This not only increases the screen’s aesthetic appeal, but also makes it much stronger, reducing the tendency to warp or bend over a long period of time. 

Only high quality, durable fibreglass insect mesh is used for window screens and the charcoal colour finish offers excellent see through visibility.  With insect screens in place, you can leave your windows open on a hot day, safe in the knowledge that you will keep out unwanted flies and other bugs. 

Insect Screens for Doors 

Aluminium framed insect screens for doors are available as either hinged or sliding versions.

Hinged Insect Screen Doors – are a well-established, reliable choice for NZ homes and continue to offer both economical and convenient protection from annoying flies and bugs.  Manufactured from high quality aluminium frames and fibreglass insect mesh, hinged insect screen doors can be fitted to timber or aluminium doors for dependable screening throughout the warmer months. Pull handles for the door are available as either locking or non-locking options.

Sliding Insect Screen Doors – are popular for screening larger sliding doors and have been designed with a low profile track that fits neatly to the outside of the joinery, for minimal obstruction.

Manufactured from the same high quality aluminium frames and insect mesh as all the Amplimesh screens, sliding screen doors also use strong aluminium corners and quality nylon door rollers, for additional strength on the larger door, ensuring it is sturdy and doesn’t bend easily.  A mid rail provides extra strength and an optional kick rail protects the bottom of the screen from damage.

Hinged Door Closers 

These are sometimes specified in back door screen applications, so the door automatically closes a few seconds after it has been opened.  Our Austral brand hinged door closers are made in Australia, have a reliable and robust all metal construction and are well proven for their effectiveness in New Zealand climatic conditions. Available in a choice of two colours – black or white – these hinged door closers come with an adjustable closing speed, for safety and convenience. 

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One Way Vision Mesh

If you are looking for extra privacy, including the ability of seeing who is at your door without being seen by visitors, you can request Look-Out™ One Way Vision Mesh.  This mesh acts as an alternative to fibreglass or pet resistant insect screening and the punched, rather than woven aluminium screen, can be powder coated to match the joinery, or installed in black to replicate the look of a traditional screened door. 

Pet Resistant Mesh

Pets are important members of the family, but their claws can quickly ruin your the insect mesh on your new security door!  Pet owners are often recommended to upgrade their insect screen mesh to a Pet Resistant Mesh, for extra protection. Made of strong vinyl coated polyester, this heavy duty insect mesh offers good outdoor visibility while at the same time, providing extra resistance to the damage caused by pets’ scratching and clawing at the mesh.

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