Retractable Roller Screens

Retractable Roller Screens

Streamlined and easy to use, rollaway insect screens are popular for their high quality, unobtrusive finish, fitting discretely on door or window frames, which conveniently store away in a aluminium cassette when not in use.  Finished in a powder coat colour to match the window or door joinery, retractable screens truly blend into the frames when installed.  

Professionally installed, retractable screens glide effortlessly and give effective protection from annoying flies, mosquitoes and other bugs.

Retractable Roller Screens for Windows

All our Retractable Window Screens have an exclusive patented brake system, which allows the screen to open easily and softly rewind on its own, without snapping shut. We source our Italian designed, plated steel spring, aluminium cassette system and quality insect mesh directly from Europe. 

Soft woolpile insulates the screen’s side channels and bottom rail, helping it to glide easily and prevent  damage to the window reveals when closing. 

Series 36 – for windows up to 1600mm wide and 1500mm high.

Series 46 –  for windows up to 1800mm wide and 2600mm high.

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Retractable Insect Screens for Doors

These Italian designed retractable screens are popular for their neat, low profile finish when in use and their attractive aluminium cassette for storing screens not in use.  

The door handle and magnetic close allows for easy use by all ages, whilst the exclusive patented brake system allows for easy screen openings and a gentle rewinding retraction action to avoid snapping shut, for ultimate safety. Screens come as a fully enclosed unit which fit neatly onto modern doors profiles and are finished in a powder coat colour to match the joinery colour. 

Anti wind brush pile insulates the top and bottom rail to make the screen glide easily and effortlessly, reducing the occurrence of wind blow-out. Whilst low profile 23mm bottom guide tracks add to the unobtrusive finish of the screens.

  • Available for double or single door configurations
  • Optional pet resistant mesh (Series 46 only) 
  • Stainless steel componentry
  • Quality fibreglass insect mesh

Series 36 – for doors up to 1500mm wide and 2600mm high.

Series 46 – for doors to 1700mm wide and 2600mm high.

Note: Retractable Insect Screen doors are not recommended for commercial applications, wind prone installations, or homes where pets or small children reside.

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