SupaScreen Security

SupaScreen – Strong, Unobtrusive Security

SupaScreen is a popular solution for securing your homes doors and windows against intruders, whilst still enjoying uninterrupted views.  Made from a strong woven stainless steel mesh that is virtually transparent, SupaScreen is the ultimate in total, uncompromising barrier protection.  

Secure & Translucent

SupaScreen uses a specialist security mesh that has been carefully chosen for its superior strength and modern, good looks.  Manufactured from high tensile, 316 marine grade stainless steel thread, woven together to form a strong mesh that is virtually impenetrable, SupaScreen is a modern innovation in residential security.

The fine finish of the woven mesh allows screens to be virtually translucent, so you can continue to enjoy clear outdoor views, as well as the benefits of fresh air flowing through your home, without pesky insects or intruders worrying you.


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Hidden Fixing System

A unique patented pressure process is used in the manufacture of SupaScreen to enhance its strength, eliminating the need for visible screws or glue to clamp the mesh in place.  This ensures the different metal surfaces do not come into contact with each other, eliminating the possibility of corrosion. 

This hidden fixing system is especially popular with customers, for it’s streamlined, neat finish. 

Meets The Standards

SupaScreen hinged doors have been put through a rigorous regime of impact shots, jemmy attacks and pull testing to ensure they meet the AS5039-2008 standard.  Additionally SupaScreen security mesh has been independently tested for material hardness and tensile strength, with rigorous knife shear tests undertaken to ensure it meets standard AS5041.

These standards ensure that the structural integrity of the door is maintained and SupaScreen has sufficient strength to resist a determined intruder.

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Beware of Imitations

Amplimesh SupaScreen has been the leading stainless steel security screen product in New Zealand for many years.  SupaScreen’s uncompromising design is backed by a 10 year warranty, for years of worry free home security.

Corrosion resistance

A key advantage of the stainless steel mesh and high quality aluminium frames used in SupaScreen, is their corrosion resistance. Given that New Zealand is surrounded by the sea, it makes sense to insist on a corrosion resistant product like SupaScreen, for superior protection against salt spray and other corrosive agents.  Security screen frames in particularly corrosive environments are finished with a specially formulated Dulux Duratec powder coat product, which has been designed for maximum protection in the harshest environments.

SupaScreen’s superior finish also means that the maintenance needed to to preserve the original appearance of the screen is minimised. Like all superior quality products, it will endure daily wear and tear and the added demands of children and pets, lasting the test of time.

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